A recent survey by tealeaf reveals that UK Companies are losing equivalent of £14bn a year due to poor online customer experiences! Organizations are spending a lot for online advertising and online promotions but the return on investment(ROI) is too low compared to other marketing methods.

How can you increase the ROI?

All agree that Online Marketing is the best marketing technique currently we have, the only problem is lack of experts or right resources for doing online marketing. Most of the people in this industry does this job mainly by s_p_a_m_m_i_n_g the internet world.

Any other cheap option available?

Twitter and Facebook are part of your day-to-day life, why can't we use these social network for promoting your products? Yes, these platforms are evolving as one of the best and cheap(or free of cost) marketing platforms for online marketing!

How to market on Twitter?

You might be wondering how can you market your products with 140 characters. There are many tools available on market which helps you to market your product or services on Twitter. Also tools like this allow you to market ClickBank products on Twitter even if you do not have enough followers to listen to your tweets!

Can you give us some hints?

Here you go:

1. Promote your products on Twitter, turn your followers in to customers
2. Use affiliate networks such as ClickBank, Commission Junction
3. Create good websites or blogs, post links to Twitter, earn from Ads
4. Sign-up for sponsored tweet programs
5. Create and sell Twitter accounts

Email Marketing, one of the traditional online marketing is still popular among marketing experts, a mean of communicating products and services via email. More than $500 billion is spend only in US for Email marketing. The benefits of using this type of marketing are the ROI can be tracked, users interested in a company or product can subscribe for news letters. Still there is a concern on junk email messages, because of which most of the organizations implemented email filtering and hence 20% of the emails will not reach the audience.

Social Media Marketing is another effective marketing method which is a recent addition to Online Marketing. First step in social marketing is to develop a network, a group of people who are interested in your company or product. Then keep them engaged by posting news and announcements. Also some companies run promotions and discount programs only for their social network members. It is kind of a direct platform where organizations can interact with their customers. Customers will have a feeling that the company care their customers, thus a strong relationship can be built. Another advantage is promote your brand through word of mouth, which has no limit.

There are many popular social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube providing free service to its customers. You just need a computer and internet. For business users Facebook provides an option to create business pages, where users can see what are the activities going on on your organization. They can 'Like' your page, and all your page updates will be delivered to the customers, thus a free platform for advertising your brand.

A recent study by Nielsen revealed that use of social networks increased by 22 percentage while email and chat usage declined by 12 percentage.

1. Use both marketing techniques, both will benefit your organization
2. If you want to develop a long term relationship, go for Social Media
3. Email Marketing is fast and one-to-one. Social Media need lots of effort and time
4. Customers can Opt-in for emails, thus a targeted audience

Nowadays small and medium business are spending a lot for Customer Relationship Management(CRM) tools. CRM tools are one of the must have tool for your organization, that can play an important role in the success of your corporate network. Last few years social media has evolved like anything, people started using them as a platform for social promotion, social interaction, brand management and marketing. It is a platform for companies to look for customers in social media, trust and brand loyalty. With the growth of social networks, the task has become easy, business can directly find their customers using these tools, engage with them, and thus a best customer support platform. Now there are many tools evolved in such a way that they are integrated with Social Media Platforms, that can help maximize your campaign's within social networks.

There are many vendors offering Social CRM solutions, a lot of companies have begun to develop most flexible application for the lowest prices. Lots of factors needs to be considered before choosing a CRM tool for your business. The implementation of customer relations in your organization can be a major investment, if you do not expect to immediately benefit from the application, then think long and hard before paying for the application. Another hiring to think about choosing a Social CRM system is the number of users who use the program. Also keep your technical knowledge into account when buying a Social CRM application. Even if you're familiar with using the social networks available, you should be ready to use it within the platform they provide.

If you are in to social media marketing, the question you have been asking or you have been answering is 'Is Facebook or Twitter better for Social Media Marketing?'. Here we are just comparing the marketing features of these most used social media platforms.

There are ways you can use your twitter account to interact with people and most important to get information more quickly. Even if you are running a business, Twitter can still be used to promote your own business, to some extent. There are some features you need to use to achieve these objectives, namely research, finding people, and the finding appropriate twitter list.

Facebook is a platform where you can meet people with whom you went to high school, Twitter is a an open platform where you meet people you need to go to school. Unlike Facebook, where you need to be friends before you can share information, Twitter users can interact with strangers too based on their interest. In twitter, you can follow anyone as long as the account is not listed as private. Also user can restrict access to their tweets by making them private, should seek permission before others can see this account content. Anyway, on Twitter, you can follow someone, but the people you follow do not necessarily have to follow you. But the best thing is that it gives you the latest information on famous people, celebrities or companies you need to know.

Basically, if you need to know what others think about a topic, you have to do is find a list within twitter and follow it. Twitter works very similar to a search engine, but research is limited only within Twitter. You can get results in real time what people think, on hot deals, on hot news. It can be a quick and easy way to gather information.

Need to know what world's best singer Shakira is doing? Or do you know where Steven Spielberg is filming his new movie? All you have to do is find people whom you are interested in and follow them. You may be able to get their latest updates, writes by themselves. You'll feel as if they are friend of yours and will get all updates from them instead of only from people who accepted your invitation in Facebook.

So, now you are ready to use Twitter for your business? If yes, what you need to do is sign up for an account with twitter, create a small biography, do not forget to update your business url. Once you are done with your profile, you can start following people or list you are interested in. Also post updates from your business so that people dealing with your business will follow your account so that they will come to know what is happening.

Once you have enough followers you can start advertising your business through twitter. Send offers and promotions through twitter, attract more people to your account and thus to your business. Like other social networking sites, the important thing is that you need to enter information about your company, such as website url, email, toll free number or address. This helps potential customers to contact you and ask about deals that have sent to the company's twitter account. Make sure you reply to the queries or complaints raised by your customers on twitter. If used effectively, you can consider witter as a customer relationship management tool for your business.

Let us start tweeting!

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