Email Marketing, one of the traditional online marketing is still popular among marketing experts, a mean of communicating products and services via email. More than $500 billion is spend only in US for Email marketing. The benefits of using this type of marketing are the ROI can be tracked, users interested in a company or product can subscribe for news letters. Still there is a concern on junk email messages, because of which most of the organizations implemented email filtering and hence 20% of the emails will not reach the audience.

Social Media Marketing is another effective marketing method which is a recent addition to Online Marketing. First step in social marketing is to develop a network, a group of people who are interested in your company or product. Then keep them engaged by posting news and announcements. Also some companies run promotions and discount programs only for their social network members. It is kind of a direct platform where organizations can interact with their customers. Customers will have a feeling that the company care their customers, thus a strong relationship can be built. Another advantage is promote your brand through word of mouth, which has no limit.

There are many popular social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube providing free service to its customers. You just need a computer and internet. For business users Facebook provides an option to create business pages, where users can see what are the activities going on on your organization. They can 'Like' your page, and all your page updates will be delivered to the customers, thus a free platform for advertising your brand.

A recent study by Nielsen revealed that use of social networks increased by 22 percentage while email and chat usage declined by 12 percentage.

1. Use both marketing techniques, both will benefit your organization
2. If you want to develop a long term relationship, go for Social Media
3. Email Marketing is fast and one-to-one. Social Media need lots of effort and time
4. Customers can Opt-in for emails, thus a targeted audience