Nowadays small and medium business are spending a lot for Customer Relationship Management(CRM) tools. CRM tools are one of the must have tool for your organization, that can play an important role in the success of your corporate network. Last few years social media has evolved like anything, people started using them as a platform for social promotion, social interaction, brand management and marketing. It is a platform for companies to look for customers in social media, trust and brand loyalty. With the growth of social networks, the task has become easy, business can directly find their customers using these tools, engage with them, and thus a best customer support platform. Now there are many tools evolved in such a way that they are integrated with Social Media Platforms, that can help maximize your campaign's within social networks.

There are many vendors offering Social CRM solutions, a lot of companies have begun to develop most flexible application for the lowest prices. Lots of factors needs to be considered before choosing a CRM tool for your business. The implementation of customer relations in your organization can be a major investment, if you do not expect to immediately benefit from the application, then think long and hard before paying for the application. Another hiring to think about choosing a Social CRM system is the number of users who use the program. Also keep your technical knowledge into account when buying a Social CRM application. Even if you're familiar with using the social networks available, you should be ready to use it within the platform they provide.