A recent survey by tealeaf reveals that UK Companies are losing equivalent of £14bn a year due to poor online customer experiences! Organizations are spending a lot for online advertising and online promotions but the return on investment(ROI) is too low compared to other marketing methods.

How can you increase the ROI?

All agree that Online Marketing is the best marketing technique currently we have, the only problem is lack of experts or right resources for doing online marketing. Most of the people in this industry does this job mainly by s_p_a_m_m_i_n_g the internet world.

Any other cheap option available?

Twitter and Facebook are part of your day-to-day life, why can't we use these social network for promoting your products? Yes, these platforms are evolving as one of the best and cheap(or free of cost) marketing platforms for online marketing!

How to market on Twitter?

You might be wondering how can you market your products with 140 characters. There are many tools available on market which helps you to market your product or services on Twitter. Also tools like this allow you to market ClickBank products on Twitter even if you do not have enough followers to listen to your tweets!

Can you give us some hints?

Here you go:

1. Promote your products on Twitter, turn your followers in to customers
2. Use affiliate networks such as ClickBank, Commission Junction
3. Create good websites or blogs, post links to Twitter, earn from Ads
4. Sign-up for sponsored tweet programs
5. Create and sell Twitter accounts

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